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Smartway Verified


Tires are an integral link in the transmission of energy from the engine to the road. Tires that meet EPA SmartWay criteria for reduced rolling-resistance help save fuel and reduce vehicle emissions. That's good for everybody. Components manufactured with SmartWay Verified technologies can lower the cost of operative trucks and lower the impact on the environment.

Based up on data provided by tire manufacturers and EPA testing and research, EPA determined that certain tire models can provide a reduction on NOx emissions and an estimated fuel savings of 3% or greater, relative to the "best selling" new tires for line haul trucks, when used on all five axles on long haul class 8 trucks.

Sumitomo has enhanced the value of its Premium Series patterns by engineering them for lower rolling resistance. S-Tech casing design PLUS less rolling resistance equals long mileage to removal, excellent durability, multiple retread cycles and reduced fuel cost.

Sumitomo offers a full range of high-quality medium truck tires that are designed for hard work and manufactured to precis standards.

SmartWay Technology

Sumitomo has incorporated SmartWay Verified technology into its Premium Series patterns for all three axle positions. Couple with the proven benefits of Sumitomo S-Tech casing architecture, these tires are the right choice for operates who care about long term value, and improving the environment.

Sumitomo tires with SmartWay Verified technology are designated with the suffix SE.

SmartWay Technology